Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dreamhost down AGAIN!!!!!! Day SIX!

Dreamhost could really not suck any worse than they are sucking right now. Just when my sites had been up for a few hours (though FTP has still been slooow), Dreamhost goes down again. Naturally their auto-detect problem reporting system claims nothing is down. But then why can I access any sites but those on Dreamhost? Let me guess, what is it now... somebody tripped and pulled out a cable? Rats in the control center? Oh, I know, it's techno terrorism, and they decided to target the least competent web host and take it DOWN. (Who said terrorists were the brightest bunch...)

OK, I am ranting and rambling, but these bozos have set me back almost a week now. And imagine if DMOZ or anyone else chose this week to check out one of my sites. Hell, a week is a long time. It is entirely possible I lost out on one or more directory submissions thick week thanks to the Dreamhost downtime fiasco, and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone. And to think of the time it will take to set up at a new web host. ARGGGH!


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