Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dreamhost Filer Disaster Update!

I just got this back from Dreamhost support:


As you may know, we recently had a network filing system crash causing severe downtime. When a filer like this crashes, it basically has to go through each of the it's disks to verify that they are ok, and can accept, read or change data. This takes an extremely long time, due to the sheer size of the machine (two terabytes!).

Once we got the machine up, fixed and serving files, everything seemed like it was ok, so we went back to making sure all content, data and websites were working normally.

Right about then, it crashed again! This time, however, it came back up correctly, so it didnt take as long as it had previously.

That was 6am PST this morning. Since then, we are currently constructing a new filer machine (we had to cannibalize two just to get this current one back up and running) to offload everyone. In the meantime, it has crashed again, however, it seems to come back up in the correct state. If possible, you may want to get any sensitive, or important data off of your account, just to be safe. We are working on getting everyone off the faulty machine, however, as you can imagine, it will take sometime.

We are terribly sorry about the problems related to this disaster and hope to have everything stabilized and working ASAP. Please understand that we are doing everything humanly possible (including working 24 hours shifts, and sleeping in our data center!) to get every site back up and running. If your domain is down, or showing an error, we are working on reconfiguring all of the effected services, and should have them fixed soon.

Just thought I'd post it for anyone searching blogs for updates. This is the type up information I had emailed them suggesting they post on, but since it isn't there, maybe some other people affected by the current Dreamhost server problems can see this information here and at least have a clearer idea of what is going on.


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